Hair Care Tips: Face Shape

Hair Care Tips

Face Shape

Maybe you’re ready for a new look or style? Let’s review the different face shapes and recommendations that come with them. These are just guidelines from the fashion industry.


A heart shaped face is wider at the brow and narrow at the chin resembling a heart, typically creating fantastic cheek bones, think Reese Witherspoon. Opt for a softer look with bangs drawing attention away from the forehead and narrow chin. Try a long bob, style with a soft side bang, loose waves or curls framing the lower portion of the face or styles with layers framing the lower portion of the face.


A square shaped face is wider both at the top and bottom giving the appearance of a more defined look, think Jennifer Aniston. Try keeping hair close to the face to soften the defined look, soft curls around the face provide a softening affect, bangs that just scrape the eyes provide a softening look, and often centre part provides many different looks. Don’t be afraid to play with your part.


A round shaped face is wide at the hairline and full under the cheek bones extending the fullness throughout the face. Think Kelly Clarkson. Opt for leaving hair in front of your ears don’t always tuck your hair, don’t hide behind the hair sometimes the cut is what you need, maintain texture and layers to add some pizzazz.


An oval shaped face is longer than wide, think Sandra Bullock. Try keeping shoulder length waves, long layered curls or waves as they will add fullness.

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