As with your own hair, your hairpiece or wig requires regular care, cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best, which is key to its longevity. Following the proper methods and using the appropriate tools is of utmost importance when caring for your hair system.

Wigs and hairpieces, whether synthetic or made of human hair, require specifically tailored combs and specially formulated hair care products to keep them looking natural and healthy. It is not necessary to wash your hair system daily; however, there are relevant care methods before and after each wear.

There are lots of high-quality specially formulated shampoos, conditioners and styling sprays specific to the different types of hair systems. Hair Prosthesis Centre stocks a wide range of these hair care products for your needs.

We have provided a list of the proper care methods for a synthetic and human hair system that we suggest you follow to ensure the longevity of your piece.

Hair Care for Wigs

Hair Care

Synthetic hair is made from a variety of very fine plastic or nylon materials, being almost indistinguishable from real hair. By simply shaking your hair system, the synthetic fibres will restore the wig’s original style.

Some general rules when caring for your synthetic wig:

Almost all types of synthetic wigs cannot withstand any direct heat (such as from barbeques or ovens), unless they are specified as heat-friendly

Synthetic hairpieces cannot be dyed a different color

Synthetic wigs must only be washed using specialized shampoos and conditioners, and brushed with specialized combs and brushes

Synthetic wigs should only be air-dried on a wig stand

no combing synthetic wigs
no heat synthetic wigs
no lotions synthetic wigs

Hair Care Tips

Follow these easy steps when washing your synthetic hair to optimize its longevity.

  • Do not rub or pull the wig while washing, as it can loosen the strands from the base.
  • Wash every 10 to 15 wears
  • Only wash in cold water
  • Do not rub while washing
  • Spray conditioner 10-12 inches from hair
  • Blot when drying do not squeeze or wring
  • Air dry on a wig stand
  • Do not brush when wet
  • Do not expose the wig to heated styling tools and be cautious when cooking (over a BBQ or stove), as permanent damage and singeing of the hair fibers will occur.
  • Ensure that your synthetic wig is specifically labeled as “heat friendly”, but don’t expose it to medium or heat
  • Hair Care products used must be for synthetic hair
curling iron for human hair wigs


There are two types of human hair wigs and hairpieces:

  • Processed Hair: only an artful approach, high-quality chemicals are used to sanitize the hair and strip away color; as well as, add curl or straighten the hair and then add color.
  • Remy, or Raw Hair: the premium choice for the most natural-looking hair; when the hair is cut and made into a wig, the follicles are kept in the same direction to reduce tangling and retain a silky quality.
  • Human hair wigs are the best quality hair systems because they are indistinguishable from your own hair. They have a more natural look and feel with the hair – being finer, shinier and softer than their synthetic counterpart.
  • Your styling options are endless when it comes to human hair systems, as they can withstand heat very well. Considering the desirability of the look and feel of real human hair, you and your special someone will love the natural confident you.

Human hair wigs are more expensive than synthetic wigs, but the pros of real human hair greatly outweigh the cons. With this in mind, treat your human hair system as an investment. These pieces require continual maintenance and care, but will bring many benefits to you in the long-term.

We carry a wide range of human hairpieces and wigs at Hair Prosthesis Centre in Barrie, and will take the time to understand your needs and tastes to provide you with the best human hair options. Contact us for more information, or come in for a visit and see the attraction of human hair systems for yourself.

As these wigs are made from real human hair, keep these factors in mind:

  • Human hair systems react to climate the way your real hair does
  • The wig must be reset/restyled after washing
  • If the hair is dyed, it will oxidize/fade with exposure to sunlight
  • Human hair wigs will get split ends or tear if mistreated by harsh brushing, back combing or overuse of heat styling
  • These systems can be heavier than synthetic wigs

Human Hair Care Tips

To ensure your human hair system remains healthy and lasts longer, follow these tips when washing it.

Before washing the hair, detangle the wig with a specialized wide-toothed comb

Only wash the wig in cold water

Do not soak or immerse the wig, but rather wet sections of the wig and use a gentle downward motion to clean with high-quality specialized shampoo and conditioner

Be careful to avoid putting conditioner on the roots

Only use specifically formulated products for processed human hairpieces

Rinse the wig to remove the shampoo and conditioner and gently brush any remaining tangles

Let your hairpiece dry on the stand without wringing it, but if pressed for time use a blow dryer’s lowest heat setting and avoid using a firm head device

If styling your hairpiece, use heated styling tools at a low heat setting and don’t apply heat for too long.

It might seem like a lot of attention and care needs to be taken to clean your human hair system, but the quality and look of your hair will make it worth the investment. We recommend coming in once every 6 to 8 weeks to have us care for your system. Contact Hair Prosthesis Centre for more information on human hair systems for men, women and children.

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