Love is in the Hair

Hair Care Tips


You’ve found your perfect match. You can take her anywhere and style her as you please. Your wig has been with you through thick and thin, and makes you feel like the diva you are! Now, it’s time to show her the love she’s given you. 

Caring for your wig is a lot easier than you think, however there are tips and tricks to ensure that your wig stays beautiful between washes.


Any hair, whether human or synthetic, can become victim to flyaways – those small pieces of hair/fibre that constantly stick out and can’t be smoothed down or flattened. Here are some ways you can tame your wig’s locks without damage.


If you haven’t seen Karate Kid, all you need to do is rub your hands together to create warm friction. With your palms nice and warm, press and smooth down your wig’s strands. This technique can also straighten any excess volume, and is best applied to synthetic wigs.


If your wig is human hair or heat-friendly synthetic, a hairdryer will work wonders to smooth things over.

This technique gets its best results when the wig is on your head, never use high heat. Instead, set your blow dryer to medium and on its full-strength air setting. 

Holding your dryer above your head, point it downwards on top of your wig for a minute or two. Next, go over your wig with the cool air feature to finish off the treatment.


The best thing for your wig is using the right, products to smooth and style it to your liking. We have put a lot of effort and research into selecting the best product line for your hair.

For Human Hair

The Heat Treat Thermal Spray will protect your piece from damage and wear before applying any heat from styling tools. 


Additional Treatment

At times, human hair wigs can also become victim to dryness. When this happens, using a repair treatment on occasion is a great way to protect your investment


For Synthetic & Human Hair

This sculpting cream adds texture and smooths your wig for that glam look.


This wig mist will moisturize and condition your wig as it keeps your piece fresh and smooth.


We recommend only using these products, or similar, as they’re specifically made to freshen up synthetic and human hair wigs without ruining the fibres or weighing them down with “gunk”. These products are also easily washed off with wig shampoo. 

Keeping your hair piece or wig happy is very easy when you know the best methods for ensuring it looks its best between washes. We’re always available if you have any questions about your specific wig’s needs, as well! 

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