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You’ve thought about it? You’ve seen us out and about? Heard our radio ads or seen us on TV? Somehow you’ve found yourself here and now you’re wondering about wigs? If you’re here you’re considering it or are debating it. So take the time to read through our tips below on style, size and type as it will help you to understand the basics.


Why are you considering a wig? What are you trying to accomplish by wearing a wig? Is it for fashion purposes or medical reasons? Are you going to share or keep it a secret? Is it for the ease and flexibility or the versatility? These questions will help you to determine your style. Are you staying with something similar or shorter so that you can explain with a haircut or color or are you going all out for something new being able to switch between short and sassy to long and luscious without the wait?

70% of our clients are wearing wigs for fashion purposes while 30% are for medical reasons. There is something for everyone. Just think of the endless possibilities you can have with style flexibility.

Let’s walk through the basics together


While 95% of clients fit into the average wig cap there are a few that require a petite or large size cap. Wig caps can also be altered on site in order to fit securely. Sizes do vary slightly by brand so it’s important to ensure that your consultant fits you professionally for your wig.


Here we need to decide what type of hair are you looking for? Are you looking for synthetic or human hair? 98% of our clients are choosing to wear synthetic however I have outlined the advantages and limitations for both below:



  • Allows for color changes
  • Styling versatility curled or straight
  • Requires styling daily
  • Pricey

Remy hair is the highest quality. Cuticles running in the same direction result in less tangling.


  • Comes in beautiful colors with rooted tones and highlights
  • Requires little styling and can be worn immediately
  • Affordable
  • Hot tools can NOT be used

Heat resistant synthetic is available (allowing the use of hot tools).

One of the greatest benefits to synthetic hair is the ability to wear it immediately. These wigs require very little styling and are ready to wear, cost effective and come in a variety of colors, cuts and styles. You can opt for a heat friendly synthetic if you are interested in styling your synthetic piece.

If you’re looking for human hair you will love the versatility and the capability to change it up day to day. The ability to be able to treat it like your own whether it’s with style or color is what keeps the clients purchasing human hair pieces.

No matter what the occasion calls for, we have the hair. Most of our clients keep more than one piece as having backup means you will always have hair that is ready to wear.


When purchasing a wig, one of the most important factors is the construction of the cap. The construction has to fit your needs, wants, lifestyle and budget.

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Time for fun. The options are endless plan to spend some time trying on a variety of looks. You may find a shorter wig easier to manage or maybe you want longer hair so you can clip it up. Not sure what you want? Come on in and lets try a few on.


This is the final step, it is impossible to select the colour prior to selecting the style as there are over 1000 options depending on the manufacturer. Know that our dedicated team of hair loss specialists are here to help narrow it down and find the perfect combination.

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