Men's Hair Systems

Thinning hair or hair loss can be a traumatic event for men. Surgery comes with a time delay, can be costly with no guarantee on the results. At Hair Prosthesis Centre Barrie we offer immediate non surgical solutions. Whether you are looking for a cool trendy look or an executive finish we are the hair loss professionals to help. This is what we do and all we do.

Although the old-fashioned word toupee is what we think of. In today’s world we refer to it as a hair system or hair piece and they have become quite popular. A man’s hairpiece, provides partial coverage of the head to hide “male pattern baldness”, hair thinning or bald spots. Men’s hair systems can be attached for daily wear or bonded for extended wear. Most important they offer immediate results with no surgery or wait time.

However should the man require a full hair system or wig or looking for a custom mold design we can help with our customization consultation.

Each client is unique in lifestyle, hair loss situation, needs and wants. Therefore the size, construction and durability of the hairpiece is adjusted to meet the clients criteria. At Hair Prosthesis Centre Barrie we have a team of professionally trained hair loss experts who will work with you to make the decision that is best for your specific hair loss situation. After choosing the perfect hair system our team of hair loss specialist will discuss attachment methods, what works best for your lifestyle and complete a cut and style that you will love.

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