Thinning Hair

An unfortunate fact is that both men and women can suffer from thinning hair, with it being more common in men due to male pattern baldness. An even tougher reality is that thinning hair has no cure. However, suffering from thinning hair doesn’t mean that you should feel self-conscious in having to opt for a full wig. Hair Prosthesis Centre Barrie carries a wide variety of hair loss solutions from partial wigs to full or partial hair systems, we can bring back your confidence.

Hair Prosthesis Centre has been leading the way in hair systems for over 25 years with our professionally trained hair technicians educated in the field of hair replacement options. We respect your confidentiality and offer a private space for you to come to terms with your struggle with hair loss in a confidential and discreet manner.

Our wigs can be custom-designed for your individual needs, lifestyle and sized to fit comfortably on your scalp. Meeting with our trained hair loss specialists at Hair Prosthesis Centre will ensure that your wig, made from real human hair, will make you smile again.

Our hair pieces can be used for daily wear, or bonded for weekly wear, and all of our services are offered in our private and comfortable centre by our trained hair loss specialists. We are located in the south end of Barrie right off hwy 400 for easy access. We offer online booking for ease and simplicity.

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