Types of Hair Replacement for Men & Women

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Types of Hair Replacement for Men & Women

When you begin to notice that your hair isn’t as thick as before, or larger amounts of it have fallen out leaving noticeable thin patches on your scalp, you may want to turn to wigs or top pieces as a non-surgical solution. However, there are more options available than a full hairpiece that may better suit your lifestyle. We’ll go over some of the options below.


Wigs for men and women simply cover the entire head with synthetic or human hair strands that can be styled in many ways to achieve your favourite look. Look out for heat-friendly wigs that can further be altered to create a truly different style.

Wigs can either be hand or machine-tied and sit atop your head with a lace-front or comfort cap. There really is a variety of construction when it comes to a wig, and the best way to decide which suits you best is by trying some on and seeing which is most comfortable and durable to match your lifestyle.


Hair Toppers

Toppers (also known as toupees for men; partials or top pieces) are secured by clips or beads, they can also be bonded to the scalp, and can  add extra volume or length to your bio  hair (and should blend with your natural locks for a natural look). Some require no further  styling or alterations, while others permit styling. “How much” coverage a topper provides varies by type and size of the base.


Both wigs and partials have options that look and feel like natural hair.

Hair Replacement Toppers

A difference between wigs, clip-in partials and “hair replacement” toppers is the attachment method. Pieces can be bonded for a secure and long-lasting look or clipped and worn temporarily; they can be removed easily. Bonding a hairpiece is available for both men and women, and is done using a combination of bonding adhesives. 

Bonded hair systems are designed to be applied and removed by one of our trained hair technicians (we do also carry many different kinds of adhesives and kits that can be purchased for at-home application).


How long do bonded hair pieces last?

Generally, bonded pieces are wearable for 4 – 6 weeks at a time, and can keep up with an active lifestyle (you can wash them, exercise with them, swim with them, etc). We should mention sleep.

What does the application process entail?

Our technician will take into consideration your lifestyle and habits, as well as your body chemistry in order to better identify the most effective adhesive for you.

It is important to know that the reapplication process of removing the initial bonded piece does not hurt your scalp when completed by a professional

A good practice is to purchase 2 hair pieces during a session so that the second topper can be prepared before your reapplication; this reduces wait time on cleaning and application.

How do I care for and maintain my bonded hair replacement piece?

Understanding your piece is of utmost importance as hair is an investment and caring for it will determine how long it lasts. We always examine your scalp between applications to ensure optimal scalp and skin health.  

Using the recommended wig-friendly products to wash and style your piece is a great way to ensure its longevity. Wig Care Kits are available at our boutique or online, and the ideal kit depends on the type of hair; as well as, the type of application.


Whichever of the options you choose, we always educate our clients on caring for their wig, partial or bonded piece, and offer tips and tricks of the trade.


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