Why a Wig Boutique


Why a Wig Boutique

You may be thinking why would I purchase your wigs when I can buy them online? So lets talk about why Wig Boutique Barrie and not the internet.

At Wig Boutique Barrie we have high quality pieces that we hand select according to style, fashion, color and construction. We are proud of our pieces and the way that our clients feel when we leave. I am the owner and the only one that works in the boutique, therefore there is no hiding behind a computer screen. I want to speak to each and every one of you and to ensure that I have what you need. That I’ve answered all your questions and that you’ll continue to fall in love with our pieces.

Purchasing a wig is a personal decision and what looks good on a computer screen or magazine may not suite you. You need to be able to relax, take your time and enjoy the experience so here is what I recommend.

1. Decide first if this is a private appointment or during store hours. Our fitting room seats two clients at a time and so if you are in during our open to the public hours you may be sharing the room with another client. This can be very beneficial as two strangers going through this process together they tend to rely on one another and enjoy each others perspective.

2. Decide if you are bringing a friend or coming alone. You may want the other persons opinion however you may not want the disruption or influence. You will need to decide.

3. Allow for an least an hour. Don’t be rushed as you want to find something you just love.

Always leave feeling Comfortable, Beautiful and like yourself.

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