Why Wear a Wig…

Being in this business of course there are many people that talk to me about wigs and hair pieces. People are always surprised to hear that 70% of our clientele are wearing wigs for fashion reasons. Everyone assumes that those that wear wigs are for medical reasons and medical reasons alone. There is so much more to wearing wigs.

Wigs are becoming a fashion accessory similar to a new bag or pair of shoes. With wigs the sky is the limit you can achieve any look no matter what hair type you currently have. You want long and curly go for it, you want short and sassy you can have that too. The rules of engagement are simple…Are you comfortable? Do you feel beautiful? If so …. its you!

If your buying wigs for fashion reasons don’t be shy! You wouldn’t hide the handbag you just spend an hour picking out or the shoes you just paid $100 for why be ashamed of the wig.

The benefits to shopping with us are that we encourage you to try them on. Explore new options, colors, rooted tones, highlights etc. Leave your ideas at the door and come on out and explore what we have inside.

Remember wigs are not just fashionable they are fabulous.

Source: Wig Boutique WordPress.com Blog

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