Why Wigs?



Wigs are popular for many reasons: they help to increase your confidence, they add volume to your own hair, and even allow you to change your hair colour without the commitment.

If you experience hair loss caused from medical reasons, fashion wigs are an easy choice. Whether you experience full or partial hair loss, there are a variety of hair pieces, halos, clip-ins, extensions and full wigs that can match your natural hair, or give you a completely new look.


Our hair has been called our crowning glory. For some, it holds a lot of importance: it can naturally enhance our personality, style and make us feel confident. It can also be a very sensitive matter when someone begins to notice that it’s falling out, and the first thing that is affected is one’s self-confidence.

When we aren’t confident, everything in our life can be affected: how well we do our job; our social life, relationships; and even our own drive and motivation. If an aspect of our physical appearance is changed, we become sensitive to others judging us and hoping for a way to make things look as normal as possible.

When it comes to hair loss, wigs can naturally boost your confidence and ability to take on the world.


Whether for a special occasion, or for more permanent means, hair pieces, extensions and hair additions can create amazing length and add thickness to your natural thin, fine hair. When you have “more hair”, you can do your hair in so many ways and wear your locks in a variety of styles.

This leads to the last reason for wearing a wig: spicing up your life!


With a wig, you’re able to change your appearance in a matter of seconds! You can experiment with different styles, colours and lengths – and have fun while doing so. Some clients even have specific wigs just for more formal occasions, or ones for everyday wear; these days clients are buying zoom wigs. You’ll undoubtedly feel more comfortable in your own skin when your wig goes well with your outfit, or even your mood for the day. Have fun with it!


Being a very sensitive matter, losing your hair is a very challenging thing to go through, especially on your own. As difficult as it may be, telling your loved ones can make wonders happen and provide you with more support than you think.

Our Care Team is also readily available to you to make this journey easier, as we’re specially trained and understand your situation.



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