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She is Beauty, She is Grace

One of our self-appointed goals as C.A.R.E. experts is to help bring back your confidence. Our non-judgemental atmosphere is something we work very hard to create. Many of our clients will share with us that they want to do something different, try a new look, and step outside their comfort zone; however, they are concerned someone will notice and ask “Is that a wig?” or “What did you do to your hair?” 

If you’ve been in the shop or chatted with Crystal, our owner, then you would know that she feels that wigs can be a fashion accessory. Celebrities and models are wearing them, why can’t you? She would also share that many of our clients wear them for fashion purposes because they want to, not because they have to.  

If you purchased a new bag would you hide it? Leave it in the car? Hope no one noticed? Wigs are your opportunity to shine (if you want to – not everyone does, and that is okay, too). She would also tell you that if your friend was losing their hair would you criticize or impose judgement? Of course not! You would be kind, caring, and offer compassion through the situation. 

Of course, not everyone is like us or shares our culture, so we wanted to take this opportunity to help you navigate that question – “Is that a wig?” or “What have you done to your hair?” – as, for many, this is their greatest feat. Check out our responses and go with what works, depending on your mood:

1. “Yes, it is. Thank you for asking.”

Most people won’t mean this offensively, so speak with confidence and ease. Now, I know you might be thinking, “But it’s a lie; it’s not mine”. Well, we believe differently. You selected it just like you do your clothing and jewellery; you took the time and energy to find the perfect look. It is yours.

2. “It sure is! Don’t you just love it?”

You know you look amazing in your wig, so why not brag about how fantastic you are? Let your confidence shine, and acknowledge that the person asking wasn’t coming from a place of mal-intent.

3. “It sure is, but no touching please (I know you want to)!”

Your hair and your belly: two things people shouldn’t ask to touch. This one is fairly new to our list as many times, when Crystal acknowledges “it’s a wig”, folks ask to touch it. Now Crystal doesn’t mind; but, if you do, it might be a good idea to turn your response to a cheeky one and avoid the next question.

These next two responses are more direct, especially if you do feel offended.

4. “Why does it matter?”

This is a great response. Our initial reaction is to think the worst; however, you would be surprised to know that they are probably interested, curious, and maybe they are experiencing hair loss themselves and have been doing some research watching others closely. They may be looking for advice or guidance from you.

5. “What wig?”

Depending on your relationship with the person, this is a more subtle way of telling them that the question may not be the most polite one to ask and will usually result in an uncomfortable giggle, and they will move on.

6. “That’s a sensitive subject for me.”

In most cases, people who ask if you’re sporting a wig don’t ask to sound mean, as they are just very curious. Everyone’s experiences and journeys are drastically different, and if you’re working on your confidence, you could respond with, “Do you like it?”, which would allow the other person to tread more carefully. 

If you’d like to avoid those curious enough to ask if you’re wearing a wig, there are some habits you can introduce in your wig care routine, because the major reasons why someone can question if your hair’s “real or not” has to do with your hair looking “too perfect”, having A LOT of volume, or if you hardly move your head. These tricks are outlined below:

Habit #1: Blend it Like Beckham

If you have enough of your biological hair, you can seamlessly integrate a wig with your own locks. 

The best thing to do is to keep your natural hairline exposed, setting the piece slightly further back on your head and styling your hair to match the wig’s colour and style. 

Habit #2: Prop it Like it’s Taut

Size does matter when it comes to your wig – too big, and it’ll slide around or fall off; too small, and it’ll be uncomfortable to wear and “bubble” in odd spots as it slowly slides off your head. 

It should line up right on your natural hairline; but if you aren’t sure where it is, there’s a simple trick to find it: 

Step One: Hold out a hand with your fingertips pointing up an inch in front of your face.
Step Two: Rest your other hand on top of your head.
Step Three: Where your fingertips meet from both hands is right where your hairline starts.

Habit #3: Cap it Off

A higher retail price of a wig, whether human or synthetic, does not always mean instant quality. The cap of the wig also matters.

When we talk about caps, it’s the piece of material that binds the fibres together and sits on your head. In general, there are four main types of caps: hand-tied, comfort cap, lace front and monofilament. Each has their own benefits, which can be viewed on our website, and we can help you determine the one best-suited to your needs. 


We’d also recommend wearing a wig cap between your scalp/natural hair and wig, which will ensure a more comfortable and snug fit, and a better “blend” between each.


Habit #4: Mo Roots

If your piece is a solid colour and has little dimension, it’s more obvious that it’s a wig. That’s where “rooted” wigs come in – they give a more natural look as they’re a different colour than the rest of the wig. However, if you’re not a fan of dark roots, opt for a highlighted wig with a blend of similarly coloured fibres for a more natural look.  

Habit #5: Lay your Hands on It

Don’t be afraid to handle your wig and use your hands to get rid of frizz, learn the techniques outlined in our previous blog post:

Love is in the Hair

We also highly recommend using wig-specific styling products, and shampoos and conditioners (be sure to mostly condition the ends of your wig). 

Take a look at the products we carry:


Whether you’re new to wigs, or a seasoned wearer, we’re here to help you along in your wig journey. We’re your encyclopedia on wig care and support you in all stages of your life.

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