Burn Victims

After the serious trauma and lengthy healing process following burns, the resulting scarred tissue on a damaged scalp cannot regrow hair and leaves a constant reminder of the distressing event.

The option to pursue expensive invasive hair transplant surgery may not be ideal as it requires lengthy recovery stages, is not covered by most insurance companies as it is considered cosmetic surgery, and can add more stress to your already sensitive scalp. The best alternative for you would be a well-designed wig or hairpiece.

We provide medical wigs specially designed by us, created for you, with the assistance of our professionally trained hair loss specialists. We take the time to understand your needs, assess your scalp’s sensitivity and individual hair loss situation, and custom-design your piece for you.

Hair Prosthesis Centre, Barrie pays attention to every single detail, down to the fit of your custom wig. The way your wig sits securely on your head heavily influences how comfortable it is for you and your scalp. We have a variety of attachment methods and scalp covers to tailor to your individual needs and sensitivities.

We make sure you are completely happy and satisfied with your new medical wig as we make it a beautiful, natural looking, soft and stylish extension of yourself. We also provide an in-house hair piece salon to continue to help you with your hair system, and can teach you how to care for and style your piece at home.

Make an appointment for your individual consultation in our private room and begin your transformation today.

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