Thyroid Disease

As soon as you notice that “you’re not feeling like yourself” with changes in your energy levels and attitude, your weight and eating habits, and even thinning or coarsening/dry hair, you may have thyroid disease. Easily passed off as a result of a busy, stressful lifestyle, many people do not think that an over or under active thyroid can be the cause of these and other physical effects.

Women are four times more likely than men to develop thyroid disease, and without treatment, the thyroid can experience complete failure. The many symptoms, which vary for everyone, are caused from the lack of or overproduction of the thyroid gland’s normal hormone levels.

Your body follows a natural cycle of growth and resting phases because of hormone production; however, when abnormal changes to that cycle occur, the systems in your body will not act normally. Consider the two types of thyroid disease and what that means for your hair:

Hyperthyroidism: your thyroid goes into hormone production overdrive; you may experience thinning hair; certain cases of hyperthyroidism have also been known to cause cancer.

Hypothyroidism: your thyroid produces less than normal functioning amounts of hormones, causing patches of hair loss and balding.

While undergoing treatment for thyroid disease and the growth of brittle hair, or hair loss, Hair Prosthesis Centre in Barrie, can help to reduce your self-consciousness when it comes to your hair.

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Not only do we have a range of full wigs in stock, Hair Prosthesis Centre has many partial hair systems that cover specific sections where you’re experiencing thinning hair (whether it’s the top, crown or front of your head).

We make sure you are completely happy and satisfied with your new medical wig or partial hair prosthesis and we make it beautiful, natural looking, soft and a stylish extension of yourself. We also provide an in-house salon to help you create the best hairstyle for your wig, and can teach you how to care for and style your wig at home.

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When it comes to Thyroid-related hair loss, the normalization of hormone levels may help to correct your hair loss or thinning. It is highly recommended to check your thyroid function annually as a preventative caution. Don’t put off a doctor’s appointment to get your thyroid tested.

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