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Looking to keep your hair replacement system in its best condition, or browse the different products that we carry for your varying hair replacement needs.


Wig Care Kits

Wig Care Kits for Men

We carry Nutri-Fuse for Men Nourishing Shampoo. which contains a fresh masculine scent, and also has a powerful mixture of keratin, collagen and argan oils to revitalize dry and damaged hairpieces. Also contained in our human hair toupee care kit is our Extreme Conditioning Formula. A strong conditioner that only needs to be used once a week because of its concentrated conditioning ability, Nutri-Fuse for Men Extreme Conditioning Formula consists of a neutral, fresh scent, and it adds shine and lustre to your hairpiece.

Kits for Synthetic Wigs

Designed to be gentle, yet moisturizing for your synthetic wig, your custom-picked synthetic wig care kit contains shampoo, conditioning spray and a brush or comb. Products are paraben and sulfate-free, with a mild, refreshing scent perfect for restoring your wig’s body. The synthetic wig conditioning spray prevents frizz, adds shine and restores your wig for longer wear.

Kits for Human Hair Wigs

Designed to be gentle, yet moisturizing for your synthetic wig, your custom-picked synthetic wig care kit contains shampoo, conditioning spray and a brush or comb. Products are paraben and sulfate-free, with a mild, refreshing scent perfect for restoring your wig’s body. The synthetic wig conditioning spray prevents frizz, adds shine and restores your wig for longer wear.

Care Kits for High Heat Wigs

Your heat defiant synthetic wig care kit contains Shampoo, Conditioning Spray, a Detangler, Thermal spray and a comb. Products are paraben and sulfate-free, with a mild, refreshing scent perfect for restoring your wig’s body and reducing frizz. The key to this package is the heat specific products to for both styling and preventing tangles and frizz.

Headcovers & Hair Accents


Hair Extensions & Accessories allow you to make simple cost eective changes to your already existing hair in order to achieve a dierent look that you normally wouldn’t be able to achieve with your hair. At Wig Boutique Barrie we carry a variety of extensions and hair accessories to allow for a fresh new look.

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Hat’s with Hair

We carry a selection of baseball caps, caps and headbands with synthetic hair, varying in length, styles and colours, sewn into the hat, making it look like a natural alternative to wearing a full wig. These convenient wig fixes are ideal for a visit to the gym; active days spent outdoors, running to the grocery store, golfing, or cheering for your child during his sports game.

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Workout Wig

Our workout wigs are a perfect addition to your wig wardrobe. They are designed to be worn up and styled with no visible wefts. They are great for hot weather, working out or lounging by the pool. They offer full coverage without wearing a full wig. Headbands are sold separately, styles and colours change according to the season.

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Not everyone chooses to wear a wig or hair piece. At Hair Prosthesis Centre Barrie, we have a fashionable variety of hats, scarves and wraps to give you the freedom to change your look daily. Adding a bit of color and pattern to your wardrobe helps you on your healing journey: we want you to look good and feel better!

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Swim Caps

When you go swimming, find a fashionable cap to add to your wardrobe for the perfect coverage and sun protection or have two wigs or hairpieces 1 for swimming and 1 with a dry base to wear after swimming.

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Love to wear hats or scarves? Our halo hair pieces allow you to have hair while changing out your scarf or hat. They come in dierent lengths and in some cases have a bang that is removeable giving you a whole new look yet again.

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Hats are a great fashion accessory that can be worn all year long. We carry hats for all seasons, our summer line is all UPF rated keeping you safe and protected from the sun, while our winter line is seamless and constructed with care ensuring a comfortable fit. Our hats come in a variety of trendy colours and fabrics and are replenished quickly. Come in and check them out.

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Brows & Lashes

Eyebrow Powder

In some cases when there is hair loss there is also a chance for your eyelashes and eyebrows to thin or fall out. Eyebrows frame your face, emphasizing your features and losing them can add to your stress levels. At Hair Prosthesis Centre, Barrie we oer natural mineral eyebrow powder that shapes your brows and adds definition to your eyes, making them stand out more.

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Brow & Lash Rejuvenator

Thinning brows or lashes? Over-plucked? Going into or recovering from chemotherapy? Our brow and lash serum is the answer. Formulated with an all-natural blend of seed oils and plant extracts to help nourish your lashes and brows giving them the boost they need. The nutrient rich oils provide the nourishment needed for growth, the anti inflammatory properties heal the hair follicle and the horsetail extract is a known growth stimulator.

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Fiber Lash Mascara

Are you looking for longer lashes? Get lashes that are 3.5x bigger in less than 60 seconds with our two step 3D Fiber Lash Mascara. The Mascara doesn’t clump or flake and contains all natural ingredients such as green tea fibers and vitamin b5. Each set lasting approximately 80 applications.

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Wig Accessories

Chemotherapy Hair Care Kits

When going through treatment your sebaceous gland activity is greatly reduced which causes your skin to dry out. Our care kit is designed to provide moisture to the scalp during the treatment process relieving some of the irritations associated with treatment. After your treatment the products are designed to bring back body and vitality to your hair, and to stimulate and strengthen the capillary stem during re-growth stage.

We recommend that two months after your treatment you receive two clinical treatments, one month. These treatments are performed by our certified Terapo-Medik Trichologist.

Hair Loss Kits

The health of your hair is directly related to the health of your scalp and hair follicles. Our hair loss kits are specifically designed to counteract hair loss, improve thickness and provide new vitality to your hair and scalp.

Wig Stands

Stands are perfect for drying and storing your wigs or hairpieces after washing or when not in use. They are easily portable for travel as well.


To avoid hair loss, use brushes only when styling your hair and comb your fingers through your hair the rest of the time for general maintenance. When you do use a brush, use the appropriate brushes you can buy at our two locations.

Wig Caps

Wig liners, or wig caps, come in such materials as nylon or cotton, They are comfortable, lightweight and stretch to fit and cover your hair before putting your wig on. Coming in a variety of colours, wig caps are not visible under your hairpiece and can be rewashed for daily wear.

Wig Bands

Comfort grip wig bands are best suited for those with concerns on the way their wig is fitting. The wig band is worn around your head underneath your hair piece or hat to ensure comfort and a secure fit ― preventing slipping and movement of the wig on your head.

No Sweat Liners

No Sweat Wig Liners are perfect for warmer weather, or an active lifestyle. These microfiber disposable liners are invisable under the hairpiece to absorbe perspiration to allow ventaliation and reduce odour. They allow less washing, thus prolonging the hair’s longevity. Liners can be reworn up to 5 times before disposal.

Styling Heads

Styling heads are perfect for styling your hair before putting it on. You will have full control of styling your hairpiece or wig, no matter the look your aiming for.

Finish Off Your Look



Why not pick up a couple accessories while you’re here browsing our beautiful wigs and hair pieces? Finish o your look with new pair of earrings or stylish scarf. We offer a wide variety of fashion accessories in our boutique from scarves, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, purses and much more.
LUG Purses

LUG Purses

Live your life in colour with Lug. Lug is a fun and colourful line of bags with organization like you’ve never seen before! They are smart, stylish solutions for everything from work to play to active living every day. Not all of our Lug bags are on the website, we get new stock in quite frequently. Give us a call today to find out if we have the Lug bag you’re looking for.
Inspirational Jewellery

Inspirational Jewellery

We love bling! Check us out at the boutique where we carry a small line of wellness jewelry. Wellness you ask? The jewelry consists of stones and crystals representing dierent needs. Many have lava beads so you can add your favourite essential oil or a pendant with an inspirational word.