First time wig wearer or one of many?

Whether this is your first wig or hair piece or one of many. Us wig ladies have designed this page to be able to answer questions and provide some tips and tricks to help you on your journey.

Is there coverage for purchase of a wig or hair piece?

If you are wearing a wig or hairpiece due to a medical condition you may be eligible for reimbursement under your health insurance plan. If you do not have health coverage through an independent insurance plan you may be eligible to submit your receipts to Revenue Canada as additional medical expenses. Click here to learn more.

Are wigs hot to wear?

This is the number one question. Technology has greatly improved in cap construction therefore allowing more air flow. Wigs are lightweight and comfortable. 

Can I wear a wig for fashion reasons?

There was a time when wigs were worn because of a medical need, but times have changed! Wigs are fashionable! Many clients are wearing them for travel, fashion and convenience. Check our Fashionista page for more info.

Are wigs expensive?

The cost of the wig or hairpiece depends on a few factors. The type of hair meaning is it synthetic, high heat or human hair and the construction of the cap. Many clients are looking for an average spend. Here are some details. You can get a short tapered synthetic from our comfort line starting at $399 and up, our heat wigs are $799 and up and human hair we suggest adding $1000.00 to the price of a synthetic wig.  

Are wigs comfortable?

Wigs have come a long way. I have been wearing wigs for years and feel as though they are comfortable and secure. Coming in and trying some on is a sure way to know.

How do they stay on?

A wig is secured by the construction of the cap and 98% of our clients require nothing additional. There are additional ways to secure your wig for those who require it. This can be discussed during your consultation.

Do you need an appointment?

We care for clients by appointment. We offer an online booking system that allows you access to schedule as you see fit.

What is your inventory like?

Our inventory levels change on a day to day basis however we have anywhere between 300-800 wigs and hair pieces on hand.

Do wigs look fake?

If a wig looks fake, there is a possibility of 3 reasons. First one is that it is a fun wig with an outrageous color what we call a glamour wig. Second reason is simply that it is a bad wig either because of quality or age! Number three is that it is not on properly meaning too high or too low.  Trust us, there are many men and women wearing wigs that you do not notice. We always notice the bad ones but not the good ones.

Are they difficult to style?

Synthetic wigs are simple this is the number 1 reason clients love them. The fibers are pre-styled. Most styles just require a little placing with your fingers. They are all WASH & WEAR. It will go back to its style with little or no fussing at all!

What is better? Human or Synthetic?

Years ago, human hair wigs looked more natural than the synthetics. Technology advances has changed that. Synthetic wigs look very natural and gorgeous! They both have pros and cons. It’s a personal choice and depends on budget and lifestyle. We recommend scheduling a consult and we can show you both.

Why would I need a wig, I have my own hair!

You would be surprised at how many times you would wear it if you owned one. They can be very convenient and handy in a pinch. Think back to a bad hair day or a time when you had to run out for something, and your hair was not done? Trust me, once you own a wig, you will wonder how you managed without it!

What if someone knows I’m wearing a wig?

Gone are the days when you did not want ANYONE to know you were wearing a wig. Clients are treating wigs like they treat their other fashion accessories. If you purchased a new bag, you’d be proud. Do the same with your wig.

What are the timelines to get my wig?

At any given time we have between 500-800 wigs on site; 95% of our clients can leave with a wig the day that they come. Should we have to order a wig in for you, you are looking at between 5-10 business days depending on the unit.

I heard I should not cook when I have my wig on, is this true?

Well, it is partly true. With a synthetic wig on, you have to be careful if you are close to extreme heat or a sudden burst of heat, such as opening up an oven door as you could singe the ends. However there are other types such as high heat and human hair that can handle heat.

I have a sensitive scalp due to treatment. Can you help?

With a sensitive scalp there are always ways that we can help. There are different types of constructions that might work best for you, maybe wearing a comfort band is the solution or bamboo cap? We recommend scheduling a consultation where one of our professionals can help.

What if my head sweats a lot?

The construction of the wig will determine the heat level however we do offer no sweat liners. These can be purchased at an additional cost and under under $10.

How do I care for my wig?

Care of the wig depends on the type of hair. It is rather simple you’ll be impressed, we go over all of this during the consultation and provide complete instructions which we give to you when you leave, however we also follow up with an emailed copy and a WE CARE call or text 7-10 days after the purchase.

How many should I buy?

Everyone should own one. If you’re wearing your hairpiece daily, we recommend two so that you can rotate.

What can I do about my thinning hair?

Take a peek around the site as it depends on what the reason for hair loss is.

Can I swim with it on?

Putting your head under the water? We do not recommend this as chemicals can add stress to the hair and damage it however should you be lounging in the water then no issue.

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