Wigs are Fashionable! How do we know this? Because Hollywood says so, stars like Katy Perry, Oprah and Beyoncé just to name just a few, are known for wearing wigs, and they aren’t shy about it either. Fashion trends change so quickly why wait for your hair to grow, why commit when you can change colour, length and style in seconds. Wigs look more realistic than ever as technology has evolved the process, look and feel of them. We’ve noticed a trend with our clients who are no longer wearing them because they have to but because they want to. Wigs are not you Grandma’s little secret anymore! In the past few years more clients are embracing a flair for hair. Whether it’s for trips, travel or every day use for the office or home clients are Loving them.

As the owner of Wig Boutique Barrie, I myself am a full time wig wearer and have been for quite some time now. Typically you will see me in the boutique sporting a synthetic piece however on the odd occasion I will have a human hair wig. I change it up from short and blonde to long dark and curly and I am always swapping them out. I treat my wigs just like my other fashion accessories and change them according to the event. Gone are the days of standing in front of the mirror blow dry, spray, iron, spray. Now in seconds you can be transformed with perfect hair, colour and cut. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to go from your natural blonde to a chocolate brown, or to find out if blondes really do have more fun. Now is your chance, take a look at our wigs and call us to book an appointment to try some on.


Hair Extensions & Accessories allow you to make simple cost effective changes to your already existing hair in order to achieve a different look that you normally wouldn’t be able to achieve with your hair. At Wig Boutique Barrie we carry a variety of extensions and hair accessories to allow for a fresh new look.

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Accessories allow you to make simple, cost effective changes to your existing style in order to enhance
your look. They are perfect for special occasions, proms, weddings and everyday use. We carry a variety of cost effective accessories at Wig Boutique Barrie to suit your style and occasion.



Looking to complete your look? Add some color? We do our best at Wig Boutique Barrie to carry trendy, cost effective pieces to spice up your wardrobe.



Not only are our hats stylish but the beat the rays! All of our hats are UPF 50+, with fabric that has been tested and confirmed to block 97.5% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The hats are foldable and perfect for travel.


Swim Caps

For all you swimmers out there, we have a beautiful line of bathing caps from vintage to retro rubber. There’s no reason you can’t be stylish while keeping your locks dry.



At Wig Boutique Barrie we carry a variety of purses and clutches, whether you are looking for a crossbody, backpack type or shoulder bag we have trendy cost effective pieces for everyone.



We offer comfortable, stylish, high-quality headwear and scarves for those experiencing hair loss due to cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, lupus and more. We have a collection of scarves that offer unique features such as seamless construction in styles to suit every personality.

Fashion Accessories

Why not pick up a couple accessories while you’re here browsing our beautiful wigs and hair pieces? Finish o your look with new pair of earrings or stylish scarf.

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