FREE wigs for Kids

When a child loses their hair, they lose a piece of themselves. They suffer both mentally and emotionally. Their appearance impacts their self-esteem and in many cases they withdraw from social activities both in and out of school. In order to help the kids we have partnered with Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that has been providing wigs to children since 1981.

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Why Donate?

The gift of hair replacement for a child is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. The families are never charged for the hairpieces and the families have us hair replacement professionals to walk them through the customization and care of the unit.

Donate Your Hair?

Did you know that it takes 18-20 ponytails of at least 12 inches of healthy, uncolored hair to make a wig?  We cannot accept hair that has been chemically processed as in perms, colour or highlights. 

  • Before you schedule your donation, keep this quick list in mind:
  • Hair length must be a minimum of 12 inches. 
  • If you’re willing to hold out and let it grow longer, please do. Many young girls dream of long hair.
  • Hair cannot be chemically processed or coloured.
  • We do not accept grey hair
  • If you’re dropping off the pre-cut it must follow the same guidelines.

Meet the criteria? Our dedicated team donates their time and efforts to support kids in need. We provide a FREE haircut—and ask that you come with clean, untangled hair and please bring your printed barcode. To respect our stylists’ time, please ensure your hair is ready for cutting and that you meet the criteria. We also handle the preparation and shipping at our expense.

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Financial Donation

The cost of one wig per child or hair replacement system is $1800 – $2400 cdn, the family in need is never charged. The ponytails are donated and the funds help cover the expense of creating the hair replacement system. Not comfortable donating online, you can also donate on site.

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